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Quad music, a musical project by Gary Ramon. Quad play, by Samuel Beckett. The Quad TV series, 2017. Quad arts centre, in Derby, England. Quad Cinema, art house in New York City. Quad figure skating, a figure skating jump with four revolutions.
Quad Definition of Quad by Merriam-Webster.
Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about quad. Post the Definition of quad to Facebook Share the Definition of quad on Twitter Time Traveler for quad. The first known use of quad was in 1820. See more words from the same year.
Quadriceps femoris muscle Wikipedia.
3 Historically considered a part of the vastus lateralis muscle, the tensor vastus intermedius muscle is innervated by an independent branch of the femoral nerve and its tendinous belly can be separated from the vasti lateralis and intermedius muscles in most cases.

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